Founding Mobile Engineer

Job Description

The Role

As a member of the founding engineering team at Impact, you will be a critical technical voice in building a marketplace and community platform beloved by the biggest names in Hollywood as well as everyone on the ground – from set designers and makeup artists to big name actors and award-winning writers, producers and directors – that make premium content for streaming, broadcast and cinema.  

We aren’t just looking for someone to architect technical solutions: We are looking for technical partners that are curious about our users and are interested in defining the solutions that will create the best on platform experience for them.   If you love understanding the unique challenges faced by users and crafting the right solutions to best serve those needs, joining Impact will be rewarding personally and professionally.

Our code base is still small and our technical platform is still being developed.  There is a lot of opportunity to influence what Impact needs to be as a platform.


3+ years of production Mobile Development experience is a must (Flutter/iOS is preferred, but React Native is also of interest)

5+ years of total production engineering experience

Strong Node or other backend experience is a plus

Experience evaluating technical solutions and vendors to support mobile development

Team oriented attitude, including training up new team members unfamiliar with React Native, interviewing potential technical team members, creating strong documentation and tests

Must be product minded and user facing; Excited to talk to users and delve deep with the product team in creating the right solutions to build a world class mobile experience

Experience in consumer facing mobile-centric marketplaces and/or social messaging apps is a plus

Our team is based in LA, but we’re already operating remote.  Remote is good, if you are good with the Pacific time-zone

Efosa Oyegun

Engineering Manager