Senior Founding Node Engineer

Job Description


Hollywood is a rapidly growing, $177B per year industry, that supports 2.6M people, whose dreams, livelihood and income are all dependent upon an antiquated, massively inefficient system with artificial barriers, controlled by middlemen, with little transparency. This is a climate where established talent, big companies and people with access & connections can win and reap massive rewards – to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, while the majority of workers must grind to make a decent living.

Impact was founded by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard whose 40 years of entertainment industry experience has given Impact the position to democratize access to opportunity in the entertainment industry by creating a platform for new voices and differentiated story telling.  Backed by Benchmark, a world leader in Venture Capital, funding some of the most successful marketplace companies such as Uber, Impact is ready to launch its category defining marketplace for talent in the entertainment industry.

The Creative Network, which is currently in beta, is an online marketplace and social networking platform that connects the financiers, distributors and producers of content, directly to the talent that brings the projects to life.

The opportunity is huge.  The industry experience and world class financial backing are all here.  We just need you.

The Role

As a member of the founding engineering team at Impact, you will be a critical technical voice in building a marketplace and community platform beloved by the biggest names in Hollywood as well as everyone on the ground – from set designers and makeup artists to big name actors and award-winning writers, producers and directors – that make premium content for streaming, broadcast and cinema.  

We aren’t just looking for someone to architect technical solutions: We are looking for technical partners that are curious about our users and are interested in defining the solutions that will create the best on platform experience for them.   If you love understanding the unique challenges faced by users and crafting the right solutions to best serve those needs, joining Impact will be rewarding personally and professionally.

Our code base is still small and our technical platform is still being developed.  There is a lot of opportunity to influence what Impact needs to be as a platform.

Why Impact?

  • We are mission driven: Make change in an industry that touches billions of people
  • Small, already diverse team (yes, even engineering)
  • Compensation: We’re going to make this work for you.  If you are the right person, we have the right comp
  • We’re still early – so get a good chunk of equity that will change your life if we succeed (Your vested options are also good for 7 years even if you leave)
  • Legit 401k matching – build your wealth with us ‘cause startups don’t always work out
  • Awesome fully covered health insurance  
  • Be at the center of one of the fastest growing and most exciting industries around


  • 3+ years of production Node experience is a must
  • 5+ years of development, with substantial backend experience is a must
  • GraphQL or similar data query API languages
  • Experience evaluating technical solutions and vendors
  • Team oriented attitude, including training up new team members unfamiliar with Rust, interviewing potential technical team members, creating strong documentation and tests
  • Experience with React, both web and native, is a big plus
  • Must be product minded and user facing; Excited to talk to users and delve deep with the product team in creating the right solutions to build a world class product experience
  • Experience in consumer facing marketplaces, mobile and/or social messaging apps is a plus
  • Our team is based in LA, but we’re already operating remote.  Remote is good, if you are good with the Pacific time-zone

Efosa Oyegun

Engineering Manager