Talent Manager

Job Description

I've long worked in the Talent space, both as a recruiter and internally at recruitment tech companies helping lots of people find jobs. The Talent Manager role at Triplebyte is special; its a feel good role where you are helping real people move their careers forward. You'll learn how hiring processes work at a unparalleled scale. You'll pick up key technical terminology. You'll set yourself up to be a recruiter or head of talent in the fast moving startup space. Day to day you are working with people. Helping them define their next career move. Helping them figure out what companies to talk to and prioritize. Once you have figured it out, you'll help them negotiate and ultimately make the best decision for them. This is a non-commissioned role; you are focused on making sure your candidates have a great experience with Triplebyte regardless of the company they end up signing with.
The TM team has had success with former agency recruiters, teachers, photographers, etc. It's an eclectic group. If you like helping people and have a track record of success in whatever you put your mind to, you should apply.