Job Description

One of the interesting teams at Triplebyte is our Writing Team!  At the intersection of our data science team and our operations teams, the Writing Team ensures that everyone that is on the Triplebyte platform is represented accurately and in the most compelling light possible.  

Being a Writer means writing every day, reading lots of profiles, providing feedback to candidates and being the eyes and ears for the operations team.  If you want to learn more about technology and you love writing precise, technical content, than this is the job for you!

Strong mechanical writing skills. This should go without saying. You should be able to express ideas clearly and concisely and with varying formality and tone. (For example, can you articulate why we used “clearly and concisely and...” and not “clearly, concisely, and...” in the previous sentence?) Our hiring process involves some writing exercises, but you can also provide other examples of your writing (both personal and professional). It's really important that you demonstrate mechanical mastery during those exercises; we're unlikely to move forward otherwise. A liking for clearly-defined goals that require creative thinking. Our goals are usually the same, but how we approach them with each candidate can vary a lot. This is a kind of work that requires some cleverness and flexibility. We can’t just give you a list of instructions for everything - we’ll give you guidelines and show you examples, but you’ll need to figure out your own approach to some extent. An interest in learning more about hiring, programming, or computer science. You don’t need to be a technical expert to start, but you should be interested in learning more. By the time you're onboarded, you'll have learned a huge number of technical concepts, and you'll keep learning more as you go. We want to know more about hiring so that we can alert employers to potentially valuable candidate traits, and we want to know more about programming and CS so that we can better understand what candidates do. Good general background knowledge, especially around computers or mathematics. Strength in these areas is a significant plus, but isn’t strictly necessary. If you’re a great writer who can learn quickly, we can train the technical knowledge. High openness to feedback. Triplebyte is a relatively young company and we are always learning more and iterating on our process. This is part of why general knowledge and intelligence is useful; we need the flexibility to go where the wind blows us.

Chel Wolford

Writing Team Lead