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Trent Krupp is a central figure in recruitment tech. Having founded an agency, he joined Hired, Inc as employee 5 and helped define the 3rd wave of recruitment technology.   He is currently at Triplebyte, helping usher in the 4th wave of, now data backed and augmented, recruitment tech.


Hollywood is a rapidly growing, $177B per year industry, that supports 2.6M people, whose dreams, livelihood and income are all dependent upon an antiquated, massively inefficient system with artificial barriers, controlled by middlemen, with little transparency. This is a climate where established talent, big companies and people with access & connections can win and reap massive rewards – to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, while the majority of workers must grind to make a decent living. Impact was founded by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard whose 40 years of entertainment industry experience has given Impact the position to democratize access to opportunity in the entertainment industry by creating a platform for new voices and differentiated story telling. Backed by Benchmark, a world leader in Venture Capital, funding some of the most successful marketplace companies such as Uber, Impact is ready to launch its category defining marketplace for talent in the entertainment industry. The Creative Network, which is currently in beta, is an online marketplace and social networking platform that connects the financiers, distributors and producers of content, directly to the talent that brings the projects to life.