Trent on

Trent Krupp is a central figure in recruitment tech. Having founded an agency, he joined Hired, Inc as employee 5 and helped define the 3rd wave of recruitment technology.   He is currently at Triplebyte, helping usher in the 4th wave of, now data backed and augmented, recruitment tech.

Alex Larrave

Alex is the Head of Platform Success at Triplebyte, which includes customer support and inside sales.

Alex is a Stanford grad who went to Northwestern to work on her Midieval History.  Academic life wasn't compelling so she came back to industry and joined Triplebyte as one of our first Customer Support Managers.  As the team grew, Alex became the natural leader for the team.  Since then, Alex has overseen many iterations of the CSM function, including its currently one focused on converting users of Triplebyte into subscribers.