Trent on

Trent Krupp is a central figure in recruitment tech. Having founded an agency, he joined Hired, Inc as employee 5 and helped define the 3rd wave of recruitment technology.   He is currently at Triplebyte, helping usher in the 4th wave of, now data backed and augmented, recruitment tech.

Clay Kellogg

Clay is the CEO at Terminal.

Talent is distributed equally. Opportunity is not. Terminal helps growing companies access global talent by making it easy to build remote teams.

Builder of high-performance revenue generation teams in SAAS and marketplace companies; 2 x built teams responsible for >$100M in annual revenue growth in under 3 years.

Product Manager turned Revenue leader with experience building and managing Sales (direct, inside, and indirect), Sales Operations, Business Development, GTM, Business Operations, Support, Customer Success from origination.