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Trent Krupp is a central figure in recruitment tech. Having founded an agency, he joined Hired, Inc as employee 5 and helped define the 3rd wave of recruitment technology.   He is currently at Triplebyte, helping usher in the 4th wave of, now data backed and augmented, recruitment tech.

Zack Onisko

Zack is the CEO of Dribbble and a recognized leader in growth marketing.

Nearly 15 years of experience as a data-driven, analytical thinking product growth and marketing strategist with a strong product management and interface design background. I've worked to grow three startups to successful acquisitions. I'm a speaker at startup conferences around the globe, a startup advisor, mentor at Dwell, Reforge, Tradecraft, Galvanize, GrowthX.

• Named a top 50 growth expert (

• Most recently Vice President of Growth and Interim VP of Product at Hired Inc. Made large investments in building platforms for scale.

• Led growth and marketing at Creative Market. We grew revenue 1,600% our first year with revenue milestones that exceeded the first year revenues of notable marketplaces like Etsy and eBay. This growth led to an acquisition by Autodesk.

• 3 years post launch Creative Market continued to grow at a double-digit MoM revenue growth rate. I was responsible for leading the team from $25k/mo to $1.7mm/mo in revenue.

• Managed and mentored the growth team at BranchOut, who reached 25 million users faster than many notable websites including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. BranchOut was acquired in 2004 by 1-Page (ASX: 1PG).