How do I create so much blog content?

A reader writes in:

"Hey Trent, quick question: I love all of the content that you're pushing out on linkedin, and am curious if (1) you just really like writing, or (2) if you have a ghostwriter? How are you managing to do this yourself!?"

I have been pushing out a lot of content lately, but it's been a process getting into a cadence and so far it's been all my writing (which anyone with a keen eye for grammar and spelling has probably picked up on).

I started blogging back on Blogger in a time when I was traveling a lot. It was easy blogging travel, and it helped me build up a voice and comfort with the medium-form blogging medium. Back in 2016, I decided I wanted to start blogging more materially, so I setup a personal Asana tied to my cell phone. Whenever I had an idea for a blog article, I could open Asana on my phone and pop it in.

At the time I didn't actually have a blog! I dreamed of setting up an environment on Heroku and using an open source blog repo to be my primary online destination, but kids and life duties made such a concerted effort impossible.

Then came Webflow: Webflow gave me a tool that is great to tinker with, without the steep learning curve of a truly DIY blogging platform. Im continually impressed with the features that are added that allow me to quickly make cool things like this Zoom Background repository or this jobs directory for positions on my team.

Once that was setup, I connected my Webflow RSS feeds with Twitter and Linkedin (which is my main audience) using Zapier for free (Here was the how-to connect Webflow to Linkedin tutorial I wrote at the time), which allows me to focus on blogging rather than pushing the content to social media.

By the time I got around to setting up Webflow (2019), I now had about 70 (!) blogging prompts saved up in Asana. Now, that I have all of the pieces in place and I am getting positive reinforcement from readers, which has made finding time to blog much easier, I am able to pluck a topic from Asana and quickly write it upoo. Here is my process:

  1. Have a conversation with a colleague, direct report or friend. Log the topic in Asana.
  2. Find a 30 minute block (preferably daily). Pick a topic and write about it.
  3. Use Webflow's new "Schedule" feature in its Collections product to push live in the early AM Pacific Time Zone for max Linkedin distribution.
  4. Let Zapier take care of the social stuff.

It helps to have some topics that you want to focus on and feel passionate about. Mine are:

  1. Recruiting (as a recuiter)
  2. Finding a job (as a job seeker)
  3. Management

That's it. I hope sharing this process helped!

Trent Krupp

Founded Threaded: The personal rolodex built from your existing data. Previously, Head of Product at Impact, a market network serving the entertainment industry as well as Head of Revenue at Triplebyte and Hired. Founded an agency in my 20's, sold it to Hired and became employee 5. Recruited for VCs, growth and public companies. Helped the founders of recruitment tech startups, Trusted Health, Terminal and Beacon in the early days.