Killer Zoom Backgrounds for Working Remote

Like everyone in SF, I am sheltering in place. Working from home for me means working in a garage. Its not the most enchanting background and I have gotten a lot of comments about my work from home setup.

Look: The point of the call is the call, not where I'm taking it. It's distracting. Here is how to hack Zoom so that every meeting people assume you live at a WeWork.

First, you are going to need a background. I like for high quality, free stock photography. Once there, pick a background that is people-free, neutral, and bright. UPDATE: I have added a gallery of sourced images for Zoom Backgrounds.

Next open up Zoom Preferences and go to Virtual Background. Then use the + sign to select the background that you downloaded from Unsplash.

Boom: You now have your own, distraction free room. Picking a neutral and bright background helps with the clipping and at first glance actually looks like you are in another room. Zoom supports green screen and it definitely works best with some sort of sold background behind you.  I use an old curtain.

What's everyone else's favorite Zoom background?

Trent Krupp

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