Management Tactic: Bankruptcy Day to Hit your Goals

I love at the end of the year declaring calendar bankruptcy. Just wiping all meetings and starting clean. We do that as a company at Triplebyte and I think it's a healthy process.

I also like employing the occasional "Bankruptcy Day": Just nuking the entire calendar in one day of the week to focus on something critical for EOQ goals or another strategic project.

Right now, we are a little over half way through the quarter.  Are you on track to hit your goals? If not, take a look at your week, find the day with the least important meetings and just clear it out (decline or move every meeting) and then mark that you are busy and if they need you, call your cell.

Give yourself one glorious day to figure out how you are going to hit your goals.

Part of management is prioritization. Your goal(s) is usually the most important thing for you to achieve for the quarter. Cancel a bunch of meeting and just take the day to figure out. If anyone gives you push back, just tell them a guy on the internet told you it was okay.

Trent Krupp

Founded Threaded: The personal rolodex built from your existing data. Previously, Head of Product at Impact, a market network serving the entertainment industry as well as Head of Revenue at Triplebyte and Hired. Founded an agency in my 20's, sold it to Hired and became employee 5. Recruited for VCs, growth and public companies. Helped the founders of recruitment tech startups, Trusted Health, Terminal and Beacon in the early days.