Customer Support Associate

Job Description

We are hiring a Customer Support Associate to work with our SMB client base.  Triplebyte has historically provided a marketplace service that was based on hires (or transactions).  We now offer a subscription service, but we still have a large number of small, SMB customers that prefer our old way of doing things.  These customers are the bedrock of our growth: As they grow, they naturally become subscription customers.  Many of our largest customers started out small.

The Customer Support Associate's goal is to support these small companies in making as many hires as possible.  The more success they have, the more likely they are to be long term customers.  You will work with Talent Manager and other folks on the Operations and Sales team to identify the best performing customers and help them achieve success.  This is a great entry level role for anyone looking to break into Inside Sales or Account Management.

Specific experience is not necessary for this role, although most successful applicants will likely come from another startup or have meaningful success in delivering on complex customer needs.  For this role, experience in recruiting is a plus but not required.

What we are looking for is someone that has a lot of initiative and critical thinking skills.  We are looking for people with strong written communication and the ability to effectively communicate with customers.

Alex Larrave

Senior Manager of Platform Success